Our new Petition urgently asks San Mateo County to acquire the right to use the vacant Flood School site next to Flood Park, and to then use that land to provide new playing fields and recreational green space as an extension of Flood Park.

This greatly expands the park’s ability to host a wide range of sports on the freeway side of the park, where baseball, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, tennis, and multiple soccer/lacrosse fields can easily co-exist.

The alternative is to place high-density housing on the site.  While low income and affordable housing are needed, this location is not ideal for a number of reasons (see the School webpage).

Flood School Property is adjacent to the Park, next to the 101 freeway

Extending the park to the former school site also enables the preservation of the historic woodland of the park, along with the amenities currently in that area — the “nature-oriented” side of the park. We ask that the Reimagine Flood Park plan be amended to put its soccer/lacrosse fields on the sports-oriented, freeway side, and keep the woodland/family-use area intact.

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Tragic Tree Loss

Comparison: Current vs Proposed

To view ‘current park’ vs ‘proposed Reimagine plan’, drag the vertical line in the photo below, left and right to reveal the impact of destroying so many trees.

Negative impact on Picnic 
& popular sports

Current County plans (Reimagine Project) will cut down 72 trees, most from the heart of the woodland.  The interactive photo above is one of the targeted locations in the heart of the woodland (from Pine Picnic area) where many healthy and mature trees will be removed, some dating back to the early 1800s.   See more on the Project Comparisons page.

On Focus

After 6 years of various planning, presentations, and reports, San Mateo County Parks Department’s Reimagine Flood Park project was approved in November 2020.

This website focuses on the County’s Reimagine project plans with the goal of helping County, through community engagement to refine plan features and to ensure the project reflects the interests of the community. We, citizens of San Mateo county, can use this website and other resources to understand the Plan and provide input and feedback to County Parks and County management as to priorities and modifications to the Reimagine Project. This website resource will help insure that the community’s objectives for the park are met and that harm to the park’s natural environment and heritage woodland is avoided.

Case in point: The destruction of the heart of the park’s heritage woodland.  A large population in County feel that the woodland should be preserved.  County’s own research identified the preservation of the park’s trees was of the highest priority — yet the plan, as drafted and approved, is to destroy a large percentage of trees from the very heart of the heritage woodland.

Many county residents have other major concerns regarding the projects plan of severely reducing popular amenities (picnic capacity, volleyball, softball).  Yet there is wide support for the project to move forward with restoring the sport fields, adding a soccer-lacrosse field, and building accessible playgrounds.  We can do both!  Preserve the woodland AND build out the eastern sports fields.  County Parks will be having public meetings to gain input for plan modification in the near future (see Press Release).

Second Oldest County Park

Advocacy for Flood Park

Flood Park is the oldest San Mateo county park east of Skyline Blvd.  Its woodland area contains scores of old oaks, bay, and redwood trees, some dating back to the 1800s.  

The park is home to family traditions, where family gatherings to celebrate family, birthdays, graduations, marriages, births, and other treasured events are traditions that have gone on for generations.

Concerned citizens are joining together to advocate for this historic park and to preserve the nature and environment the park woodland provides for all that visit, that walk the woodland, that use the beautiful shaded picnic areas.  

Working to Preserve the Woodland


Flood Park’s sports fields have been unmaintained and now unusable for well over a decade and are projected to be that for a few more years.   We are working to restore these sport fields back to the beautiful sports fields they once were and introduce a multipurpose soccer/lacrosse field.   

Just as important is to preserve the woodland and shaded picnic areas, home of countless organizations and family traditions.  Some have used these locations year after year, for generations.

We support the basis for the Reimagine Flood Park project, yet we want to correct the misassumptions made in the project plans.  We are striving to protect the heritage woodland where a great number of the beautiful trees in the heart of the this area are planned to be destroyed

News & Events

New Flood Park Hours (thru March)

County Parks department has modified the hours for Flood Park for the change of season. Hours now are: December – February 8:00AM – 5:00 P.M.

Picnic areas in woodland - view of playground

Playgrounds and sport fields on the edge of the woodland and picnic and BBQs throughout the beautiful shaded woodland.

This website advocates for maintaining Flood Park, restoring the sports fields, and preserving the woodland environment.  On this website, you can explore the Reimagine Flood Park project, increase your understanding of the project, enter the discussion by asking questions, giving feedback on the park, and helping County Parks and our community achieve the restoration of a unique and beautiful park, full of nature, traditions, and fun for all.

Beautiful woodland environment

Good Wholesome Fun for Our County Community

Flood Park (Current)
Enjoying Nature Near You

Woodland - Nature & Wildlife

The woodland at the park is the only preserved nature in this area of county.  It is a beautiful retreat for nature lovers, families, school age children, and the general public.  Many of the trees date back to when California was a Spanish territory, and later when it was part of Rancho de las Pulgas.

County, in prior planning documents states “The generally open natural appearance of the park, particularly its native trees, is one of its great resources to the surrounding zones of development*.”

Heritage Woodland

An area full of beautiful old oaks, bay, redwood, and other trees, providing shade and nature to picnic areas and walking paths.


Playground for young kids and a new playground proposed for young toddlers, all to have accessibility features.

Picnic Area

Beautiful picnic settings for groups (small and large). Many of the tables are shaded by the mature trees in the park.


369± parking spots with entrance at 215 Bay Rd.


Currently both the small and large baseball fields are not maintained but when they are, a wonderful area for games.

Sport Fields

Currently there are tennis, volleyball, softball, horseshoes at the park. A large multi-purpose field is planned for the baseball field area, but at a loss of ...


Currently, no public transit services the park or nearby areas. Please car pool when you can.

Your voice matters! Please signup as an advocate.

Advocate to Save Flood Park Woodland Trees

On Flight

learn More - How to Help

Spread the Word

Please help spread the word about our community joining hands to insure Flood Park is preserved and that reasonable actions are taken to save it and extend it with the vacant school property next to it. Our future and our children’s future are at stake.

Natural Play Structures – Fun!

Trees still play very important roles after their natural life ends. Fallen trees provide needed habitat for insects and wildlife. The can provide a great fun filled experience for community children and a wonderful all natural play area.

Save Flood Park’s Trees and Historic Woodland

Urgent help is needed to save Flood Park’s beautiful historic woodland. The County plans are off track and need to re-align with community needs and preserve the park’s treasured woodland and picnic areas.