Flood Park - Street Parking Problem

Traffic and Parking

This page focuses on the community concerns pertaining to traffic along Bay Road and parking in general. The current (2020) Re-Imagine plan identifies that about 369± parking spots will exist in the park. It also eliminated parking fees, a welcome decision by most that use the park.

Local neighbors are very familiar with traffic issues. During the school year, there is a substantial increase in park traffic at the very time the daily commute occurs, causing backups and long strings of cars along Bay, Marsh, and Ringwood. This makes travel to/from Bay Rd destinations very difficult. Additionally, weekend use is significant, often with ingress/egress conflicts resulting in congestion.

Parking is also a concern. The Final Project Plan (EIR) states there will be 369 parking spaces with county estimating an average of 3 people per car. At max, that would be over 1,100 people in the park just from cars. These numbers don’t seem to be based in any factual analysis, as prior EIRs were using 2 persons per car. Even earlier County studies show that the park often exceeds capacity on weekends between June and October *.

Some related issues and concerns:

  • Congestion issues when parking is over 50% utilized
  • No accommodation for buses or paratransit vehicles – no staging within park, no parking, no turn-around
  • Impact on cyclist safety both on Bay Rd and within the Park
  • Data used for estimates – seem to lack actual real world usage facts — Need source data
  • Limited turn around area – requires traversing the main length of the parking area just to turn and exit
  • Concern about drop off locations along Bay Rd, at Iris Lane, and in neighborhoods
  • Noise – Both along Bay Rd and within the Park is a local concern shared by all adjacent neighborhoods

Reference – FAQ

The following FAQ section pertains to concerns, issues, and other comments related to Traffic and Parking at and around Flood Park.


The County’s final EIR (2020) states that parking fees will not be charged so as to allow quicker entry into the park and reduce the queue length of cars entering. That EIR also states that more cars are expected on weekends.

The County does not address the traffic noise issues, stating in the EIR that “traffic noise would remain a significant and unavoidable impact.”

Neighbors in the area have asked how cycling safety can be improved. County did not address cycling safety in regards to heavy park traffic.

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Currently, SAMTrans does not have a bus route for the park. Waiting to hear from County if a route, especially that services the NFO and East Palo Alto neighborhoods will include the park, especially with more frequent trips for the 4-6pm weekday times used by school sport teams.

Waiting on response from County.

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Parking capacity and traffic are acknowledged in the EIRs as a potential problem, yet it does not appear that the parking area being made to accommodate busses and similar transport vehicles in the parking area.

Currently there is not an affective public transportation service NFO and East Palo Alto residents to/from the park. With the new all access playgrounds, it seems there is a need to support transit systems like Redi-Wheels and other similar transport for those with disabilities that should have a stop in the drop off area for such transportation.

Associated with this question would be: Where would buses and similar large transport park?

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Ways to Take Action and Help

If you have input or experience with difficulties accessing the park, please use the comment form below to provide us feedback.

Other ways to help:

  • Let others know of this website so they can come up to speed on what is happening
  • Stay in touch – be notified when public meetings on the Reimagine plan are occurring
  • Sign up for County updates on the County’s Reimagine Project page — Here
  • Provide your feedback, ideas, questions, and concerns using the comment form below
  • We plan on doing online surveys here — please participate in those as they appear

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