Reimagine Flood Park plan has been approved, and the 1st Phase of development is planned to shutter the park for a year, starting in July 2023. Many would like for the construction to be planned out better, as Parks had indicated they would, so that the majority of picnic areas could remain open during construction. That now is not the case.

Please request that construction be done in a way that the public can still access parts of the park during construction by doing picnic areas 1 or 2 at a time.

In all interactions with others, please be respectful.

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When emailing County staff and officials, please copy as this will provide a way to insure that county is receiving your emails and provide an understanding of our community’s concerns and feedback is.

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The following might be helpful when drafting your email. It is meant to give you an idea of what others have written to County and City and Parks Department. It is a scrollable area, so please scroll through and, if you want, copy text that you want to incorporate in your own email.

Sample Email Subject Lines:
  • Request to preserve the balance at Flood Park
  • Please support preserving the woodland and its nature 
  • Support the two halves of Flood Park – Eastern Sports, Western Woodland
  • Please move sports fields out of the Flood Park woodland
  • Flood Park needs your support – Don’t over build
  • Please do as promised and preserve trees at Flood Park
  • Current Flood Park Plans exceed capacity of Flood Park
Comments Others have made (Email Body):
  • The trees of Flood Park provide magnificent birdwatching opportunities. Our family spent countless hours during the pandemic watching the woodpeckers and hawks, and we really object to removing any healthy trees hosting wildlife. We’re enthusiastic about the redevelopment of Flood Park in general, but the healthy trees should be incorporated into the design.
  • This park is unique because of the trees…. it seems like “amenities” could be built on the back parking lot… or east of the woodland?
  • The Reimagine Plan for Flood Park was a great idea and much needed but it seems way off track now. The new plan is building many more amenities than the park space can handle. Recent Park’s documents identify this over build problem by stating that key resources like picnic capacity will be limited due to sports.  While there are lots of sports fields in the local area, there are few if any areas that can support family picnic groups.  Picnicking in the nature of the park and under the shade of the beautiful trees is a priority.
  • Please take steps to preserve the woodland and nature of the park by moving the proposed sports field to the sports side of the park and preserve the woodland.  Alternatives that support this have been proposed and have the support of many.
  • We have an abundance of creative minds around here; use them to create/design around the healthy trees and only take diseased trees that are a risk to people/buildings.
  • Using the vacant Flood School site for new playing fields is a great idea. It serves our youth and preserves historic woodland. This is clearly a win/win proposal!
  • I live in Menlo Park and Flood park trees are critically important to our neighborhood. My own daughter learned about Earth Day and nature as a toddler in Flood Park – let’s walk the talk and preserve our trees.
  • This small Park is a remnant of historical oak woodlands, now mostly gone. it is a uniquely naturalistic park in an area where most open space has been urbanized. Visitors enjoy this Park as is for now – relaxed gatherings, BBQs, family games, walking and enjoying being surrounded by nature.
  • Stop cutting down our trees!!!
  • Trees are a salient feature of Flood Park, and not only beautiful but beneficial to the climate and to those other creatures with whom we share this planet. No trees should die in one of our parks!
  • I go to this park regularly, and often bring guests there. It leaves a good impression of this area, and the respect people have for nature. Please preserve the trees, and consider adding the empty school lot to your plan. In this time of climate change, it seems absurd to unnecessarily cut down perfectly healthy trees. Please show true leadership and save the trees.
  • My family and my school have enjoyed this park’s natural beauty and heritage oaks for many years. We also enjoy playing soccer and understand the usefulness of another field. Use of the alternative field position to use the school lot seems like a perfect way to accommodate both needs without destroying the natural heritage of Flood Park. There’s a heritage oak in the city’s logo – let’s put our money where our logo is.
  • I’m signing this petition because it makes sense to acquire Flood school to extend field area & not to remove any oaks to make field space. Planning should get creative to accomplish this & save our trees!
  • The balance of nature and human interaction should be a priority in the newest Flood Park Reimagine plan.  That plan now greatly upsets this balance by destroying the much loved Heritage Grove – the heart of the historic woodland that is being sacrificed to place a 2nd soccer field.  This can be avoided by moving that 2nd field to the large sports field on the sports side of the park and preserving the woodland as is – full of nature, birds, animals, peaceful quiet nature to enjoy.
  • Please do not allow the cutting of the heart of the woodland – it throws the very essence of Flood Park out of balance.   In a time of climate change and tree loss, please stand up and set an example for preserving nature.   Sports, including soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and other field sports will be supported on the sports side of the park.
  • I am signing this petition because I grew up in the SF Bay Area. These natural reserve areas are important for the health well being of all, not just soccer and lacrosse players. There is also an entire ecosystem of flora and fauna which can never be replaced. When you suburbanite & turf it you lose it. Preserve nature = preserve Mankind.
  • Do we really have to cut these irreplaceable trees for some totally replaceable sports field?
  • Short sighted. Why would you remove trees when we need more? Hello, global warming???
  • Heritage trees and groves are becoming more and more threatened, both by attempts at making room for more facilities in public spaces and aggressive new home building by out-of-area builders who have shown little regard for trees and canopies that have existed for decades and help to define the appeal of living in this area.
  • Destroying trees destroys the ambiance of surrounding areas and literally destroys the environment and air quality.
  • With more governments making commitments to end deforestation, we must do our part in our own neighborhood to save our old trees who help us breathe, give us life, and mitigate climate change. Save our local trees!
  • We need trees to stop global warming. It seems you can build in places that don’t require removal of trees in my humble opinion.
  • As Pocahontas (in the movie) said “how high does the sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you’ll never know.” The trees are valuable but have no voices. So we must speak for them.
  • The vacant school lot is a better location for the soccer field. Put a hold on the cutting of mature trees.


To preserve the historic trees at Flood Park, action is needed. To support the our effort to improve Flood Park we need help to cover the costs of outreach efforts to involve our community and encourage involvement and feedback. Donations are used to cover printing costs, internet service charges, and general outreach and admin efforts.

Available DIY Print Handouts

We have several handouts that can be printed and distributed. Thank you for helping!

This is a multipage handout showing alternative locations for sports fields in the park that provide multiple soccer and other field sports on the Sports side of the park and thus reserve the historic woodland. (35MB)

This is a 4×6 inch card format that can be used at photo service centers to make 4×6 photo prints. The emphasis of this is to keep the park balanced between the nature and sports, using the natural divide of the historic woodland on the Bay Rd side of the park and the sport fields on the eastern Hwy 101 side. (4MB)

This is a multipage handout showing alternative locations for sports fields in the park that provide multiple soccer and other field sports on the Sports side of the park and thus reserve the historic woodland. (1.5MB)

This is a 4×6 inch card format that can be used at photo service centers to make 4×6 photo prints. (1.2MB)

This is a 4×6 inch card format that can be used at photo service centers to make 4×6 photo prints. (0.2MB)


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