This page provides information for various advocacy actions and related links. In all interactions with others, please be respectful. An initial action that all can take is to sign the petition to save the historic woodland trees and preserve the woodland, its trails, its beautiful picnic areas, and protect the wildlife.

Available DIY Print Handouts

We have two handouts that can be printed and distributed. Thank you for helping!

  • This handout is meant to print on 8.5×11 paper – it has a 2-up layout that then can be cut in half after printing. Link
  • This 4×6 card can be printed out or sent to your favorite photo service for making 4×6 photos. Link

County Contacts

When emailing County staff and officials, please copy as this will provide a way to insure that county is receiving your emails and provide an understanding of our community’s concerns and feedback is.

Board of Supervisors
Don Horsley
Warren Slocum
Carol Groom
Dave Pine 
David Canepa
All supervisors can be reached at for board meetings:

County Manager, Michael Callagy
County Parks Director, Nicholas Calderon 

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News & events

New Flood Park Hours (thru March)

County Parks department has modified the hours for Flood Park for the change of season. Hours now are: December – February 8:00AM – 5:00 P.M.

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Grandfather Oak – Cut Down Sept 2021

The largest oak tree and oldest, was abruptly cut down at the end of September 2021. The public was not notified and did not have time to get an arborist to assess the tree. It had a health rating of A+ just a couple of years ago.

Before-After Comparisons

Project Plan – Comparisons

It is unclear when looking at the county parks planning documents (EIRs, Errata, Presentations, etc.) what the impact of the new project will be on

Flood Park Volleyball

Volleyball in the Park

There are 4 volleyball courts at the park Volleyball is the most popular sport at the park, with some groups having played for years and years.