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Topic — Tree Removals — a Good Job?

The County Parks Department insists on describing the tree removals called for in the 2020 Landscape Plan as “a good job of preserving the existing trees.” Some people strongly disagree, saying the removals will hollow out the woodland side of the park and spoil its natural character. What are your thoughts and feelings about the way the County is characterising the tree cutting?

Previous responses from community members:

From MM on 03-06-2022
“It’s very misleading to describe this as a good job of preserving the trees. It makes me angry. The center of the woodland is being completely clear-cut! Another big cluster of trees is destroyed next to the adobe building!

A new soccer field, and other sports fields, are welcome, but please put them next to the existing baseball field, where fewer trees would have to be sacrificed. Put new sports on the sports-oriented side of the park and keep the woodland side intact!

From NB on 03-05-2022
“It’s a joke — a very cruel joke — to say these cuts are part of protecting the trees. I come to this woodland all the time to get back in touch with nature. Please don’t cut the heart out of it!”

From RM on 03-05-2022
“I was greatly saddened when I saw the map showing that so many trees are being cut. Is there any way to stop this?

From GT on 03-05-2022
“It seems to me they’re trying to create a false impression that they’re living up to the public’s request, when actually, they’re destroying a lot of trees in sensitive places.”

From OH on 03-05-2022
“It’s this kind of stuff that makes me distrust the Parks Department. When we say we want you to preserve the existing trees, we don’t mean ‘go cut down big swaths of them!’ The first step in preserving the trees is, don’t cut them down!”