Public Input on New Flood Park plan- June 11

June 11, 3pm to 5pm

There were about 25 to 30 community members that attended the San Mateo Parks’ presentation on Jun 11. These were divided up into 3 walking tour groups to view 7 areas of the park that the new May 2022 plan will have changes and impact. While there was some discussion pertaining to concerns about noise and traffic, especially on the Del Notre side of the park (South-East).

There seemed to be common appreciation that Park’s had listened to the overwhelming voice of the community and moved the location the sports field previously planned for the heart of the Heritage Grove to instead be on the field sports side of the park.

There was quite bit of input from the audience and many questions asked. While we will provide a more thorough recap of the event, some of the ideas and concerns expressed follow:

  • Parks should still have a basis of preserving trees and reduce the amount of tree loss to a minimum. With this as a goal, some of the elements of the plan like placement of ball courts and field size can be adjusted to result in substantial tree preservation.
  • Amenities near the park boarder needs to be avoided. Picnic locations within the 100′ boarder buffer should be moved. Pathways in this area should also be avoided where possible.
  • Noise is a concern of several neighbors on the Del Notre side of the park. Whistle and other spontaneous loud noises need to be suppressed and actions taken to reduce the sound to acceptable levels.
  • Traffic was also a concern voiced at the event.

The County Parks website has a webpage for the updated landscape plan.

✅ If you didn’t attend the meeting, or even if you did, please use the comment form below to ask questions or comment on the new design. Share your ideas and questions and join the discussion. All comments are shared with the public and directly with County Parks department.

This new layout plan, provided by county in late May 2022 appears to be a big improvement from the 2020 plan where beautiful woodland was being decimated by placing field sports in that nature side of the park. Now the field sports are on the sports side of the park. It appears that there are still a number of significant tree loss, so we are hoping that loss can be avoided by slight positioning changes of the new amenities.

Our website content had focused on that older, ill thought Reimagine plan of 2020. As a result of this new plan, we will be gathering peoples comments and ideas and concerns and we will be updating the various website pages that provide information and discussion on this new layout plan. It is important to understand the impact on Flood Park and community. Please view the main pages (in the top menu) for discussions on Woodland, Play & Sports, Picnicking, Extending the Park, and Access & Parking. Please leave feedback, questions, your ideas and concerns.

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