Millbrae – Artificial Turf Ban

The full article in our local Daily Journal is available here. They report that the Millbrae city council has extended a ban on artificial turf, making it illegal to install artificial turf. The ban extension will allow a study of toxicity, water runoff, and public heath impacts to be completed. The artificial turf ban went into effect in October 2021.

In The Daily Journal article, staff writer Nicholas Mazzoni writes ‘The city’s concern is that the unregulated materials used in artificial turf installations come with unknown health impacts for residents and especially children, “including chemicals that are known to be toxic and cause cancer,” causing an immediate threat to the public’s health, according to the report.’ He later mentions that an additional concern is ‘… artificial turf becomes warmer than real grass on sunny days, which can contribute to the “heat island effect” in which urban areas become warmer than their surroundings.’

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