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New Flood Park Website

For Labor Day weekend 2021, we launched the website. The website site is for the county citizens and others that have an interest in Flood Park project, to voice their concern about the County plans to destroy the heart of the beautiful woodland area of the park. This ‘Reimagine’ project, also reduces by half the capacity of the picnic areas, the volleyball and tennis courts, and eliminates some of the other traditional sports the park has had for decades: Softball and horseshoes. The Reimagine plans contains some much needed maintenance for the park, including the restoration of the main sport field which will have both baseball and a soccer/lacrosse field.

The park is in great need of maintenance and this project will finally restore the beautiful baseball field that has been closed for well over a decade. Funding for the project will address repair and restoration of the historic administration center, the historic pedestrian adobe gates on Bay Rd, and creating two fully accessable playgrounds. Greatly appreciated is that parking fees will be eliminated.

Most see this project as important revitalization of Flood Park for all of San Mateo County, especially for the nearby neighborhoods of North Fair Oaks, Menlo Park, and East Palo. However, it is a plan that has some controversy and can be greatly improved upon. Some of the proposed changes to the plan could even reduce the cost of the project by millions of dollars while still adding sport areas and restoring existing sport areas.

This website is meant to provide a dialog with all those in the greater county and the nearby neighborhoods to discuss the various aspects and impacts of the Reimagine project. Ultimately, promoting a modified plan and schedule that truly meets the needs of the county citizenry. is a new website, so it will be evolving over the course of the next weeks and months. People, like yourself, can easily add your own feedback, respond to concerns/issues, and promote your ideas — all respectful dialog (thank you).