Flood Park website overview

Objectives of Website

Flood Park is the oldest county park east of Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35). It was a portion of the James Flood estate and contains a beautiful woodland of oaks, bays, and redwood stands, with many trees hundreds of years old. It also contains a picnic area for families, groups, churches, and other organizations. A playground and sports fields.

The purpose of this website is to promote all aspects of the park, including sport fields, picnic areas, and especially preservation of the woodland trees. The objective is to provide a community resource for:

  • Information sharing
  • Capture community feedback, questions, and ideas
  • Create community dialogue and understanding
  • Preserve the woodland trees (currently many scheduled to be destroyed)
  • Act as a source of community action for the park
  • Provide a means of promoting polls, questionnaires, and petitions
  • Provide a knowledge base, updates, and news
  • Guide the Re-imagine park plans to meet community needs and vision
  • Elementary school property – annex for park use

Organizational Design

The website should be easy and intuitive to navigate. We also want it easy for the public to make comments and have dialog with the various issues and content items. Therefore the content needs to have an easily understood organization. There may be a lot of content related to the Re-Imagine Planning and Design and some of this is controversial and needs clarification, thus will have community feedback, questions, and other input. We want to capture this interaction and feedback to make this part of the conversation.

From our early advocate conversations, it seems that the following are focus topics and the Main Menu will contain these items. The main menu should not have more than 6 or 7 items, although we could and will have sub-menu items when needed.

  • Woodland – to present the issues, preservation, and gain an appreciation for the woodland
  • Picnic – Such an important part of the park and the traditions built upon it
  • Traffic/Parking – present changes, issues, and foster feedback
  • Playgrounds & Sports – An important part of our advocacy –
  • Reference/Research — a place for both County documents and Community items
  • About – Define advocacy, ways to help, identify stake holders, key advocates, our mission statement, etc


To preserve the historic trees at Flood Park, action is needed. To support the our effort to improve Flood Park we need help to cover the costs of outreach efforts to involve our community and encourage involvement and feedback. Donations are used to cover printing costs, internet service charges, and general outreach and admin efforts.

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