Flood Park Volleyball

Volleyball in the Park

There are 3 sand volleyball courts in the park with nets.  An additional area that has net poles, but no net is near the large group site near the entrance of the park and could be used for volleyball or badminton.


Flood Park Volleyball

In the most recent usage statistics from County, volleyball is the most popular sport at the park. Those stats were acquired at a time when all of the play fields were active, including the baseball field. From casual observations more recently, the popularity of volley ball is still at the top as far as usage.

A concern is that the new plan is to remove half of the volleyball courts. Being the most popular sport at the park, one would think that if any change were to occur, it would be to add more courts, not remove them.

Please share your volleyball experience, past or present. Do you have feedback pertaining to volleyball in the park? Please use the Comment form below. Your input is very important and will help achieve a better result for the park.


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