Reimagine Project

Flood Park – Facing big changes

72 trees to be removed from Flood Park
Significant number of trees removed from heart of woodland to make room
for a 2nd Lacrosse/Soccer field
Picnic area to be reduced by half
Volleyball and Tennis to be reduced by half

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You can help. Here are a few ways:

  • Peruse this website to gain an understanding of the project
  • When you have a question, use the comment forms on the webpage and to ask them.
  • If you have feedback or ideas, use the comment forms.
  • Find something that is not clear or could be expressed better, use the comment forms or send an email to
  • Do you have a bit of time? We need volunteers to help achieve a the modifications needed to have the project reflect the community needs.. Again, send an email to to get started.
  • Sign up for County updates on the County’s Reimagine Project page — Here

This webpage is currently under development, a work in progress. Our hope is to provide concise summaries of the key elements in the County’s 2,383 pages of documents that define the Reimagine Flood Park project. Virtually no one in the community has the time nor would they spend the effort to review all of that material. Here, we hope to provide a set of summaries on the main portions of the project where our community has voiced questions or concerns.

Hopefully, with a cup of tea or coffee, you will be able to review these summaries and associated charts and graphics so you can come up to speed on the plan and the issues; however, all of those 2,383 pages and even more are available for deep diving into the plan – they are on the Reference page.

Your voice matters! Please signup as an advocate.

Advocate to Save Flood Park Woodland Trees

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