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This webpage will cover both Playgrounds and Sports. Currently the Sports information is presented below; however, we plan on providing information and conversation about the Playgrounds soon.


Flood Park currently has many sports fields, however, some have not been maintained for over a decade. The baseball field was not restored after the water supply work many years ago. Here is a list of current sports areas at the park:

Baseball1not maintained – closed due to condition of field
Petanque, Boules, and Boccenot restored – closed due to condition of area
Horseshoes4Some maintained – some not
Softball1Not maintained, but open
Tennis4Could be better maintained
Volleyball4Sand courts with nets
Walking/Jogging/Bird WatchingYA path with alternate routes throughout woodland
Current sport areas at Flood Park

Usage Statistics

County’s most recent usage statistics* of sport areas in the park shows that Volleyball, Softball, and Tennis are the most popular. Baseball, Horseshoes, and Petanque are less popular.

Proposed Plan (Reimagine)

While the Proposed plan is approved, it seems that there are still decisions that are fluid and may change. The most popular sports at the park, using actual usage statistics*, are Volleyball, Softball, and Tennis, yet the proposed plan removes 1/2 of the courts from both volleyball and tennis and it eliminates the popular softball field.

Baseball1Restores existing field
+Basketball1At drop off area
Boules, Bocce, and Petanqueremoved
PickleballThis has been requested but County has not added it
-Tennis22 courts removed
-Volleyball22 courts removed (see item below)
+Soccer/Lacrosse2Multipurpose field, heart of woodland (20’to 30′ netting)
Walking/Jogging/Bird WatchingYPath around sports fields and connecting routes
PickleballPopular sport has been requested but not in plan
Impact of Reimagine Plan for Flood Park (2021)

While multipurpose fields to host soccer or lacrosse and other play are proposed, one of these fields, with 20′ to 30′ netting requires the gutting of the very heart of the woodland. If this 2nd multipurpose field could be moved out of the woodland, it would preserve the woodland and preserve the nature there. Moving the 2nd field out the woodland has the additional advantage of keeping the picnic areas at their full capacity, instead of being cut back by several hundred from current capacity. Preserving the woodland and the picnic areas would have a significant cost savings of millions of dollars. (Why spend millions to cutdown the majority of trees in the historic Heritage Grove?)

* County did not provide park usage counts in the latest project planning. County provided usage counts in a prior plan.

Sports Fields in San Mateo County

The following section documents sports fields in the county. This list was compiled with community volunteer efforts by referencing various online resources, including local city sites for sport fields and their usage policies.

Click on the above tab subjects to explore area sports fields and city usage policies:

  • Sports Fields in San Mateo County
  • Menlo Park sport field usage policy
  • Redwood City sport field usage policy
  • Belmont sport field usage policy

Sport Fields in San Mateo County

With the area growing so fast we need to pay attention to balance.  Yes, absolutely, we need affordable and low income housing throughout county, but we need to be smart and balanced when addressing this housing inequity. It needs to come with a balance of:

CityLocationSoccer Multipurpose Ball Fields
Menlo Park
BurgessIncludes large dividable field and auxiliary fieldMulti-purpose fieldIncludes baseball and softball diamond
Jack LyleIncludes large dividable fieldMulti-purpose field
HillviewIncludes large dividable field best suited for soccer and lacrosseMulti-purpose fieldIncludes softball
M-ASoccer fieldBaseball/softball diamond
Willow OakIncludes dividable fieldMulti-purpose fieldIncludes ball diamond
EncinalSoccer field
Kelly ParkSoccer
Belle Haven SchoolIncludes large dividable fieldMulti-purpose fieldIncludes ball diamond
La EntradaIncludes large dividable fieldMulti-purpose fieldIncludes ball diamond
Nealon ParkIncludes large dividable field and auxiliary fieldMulti-purpose fieldIncludes softball diamond
Oak KnollBaseball/softball diamond
Cartan Athletic FieldsMenlo College and Menlo SchoolSoccer/football/lacrosse field2 Baseball
Redwood City
Red Morton3 soccer/lacrosse? 5 ball diamonds possibly
Hoover ParkSoccerBaseball
Taft ElementaryGrass Field (part of Baseball fields)Baseball
Garfield ElementarySoccer (grass field)Baseball
Marlin ParkSoccerBaseball
Hawes ParkSoccerBaseball
Mariner Park (6.25 acres of grassy area)Large grass area
Sandpiper ParkSoccerBaseball
San Carlos
Highlands ParkSoccer2 Baseball
Burton Park eastSoccer (? multipurpose)Baseball
Heather (Raymond and Macie) Elem SchoolSoccer
Stadium Field2 Soccer?multi-purposeBaseball
San Mateo
San Mateo High School(football)baseball
Bay Meadowssoccerbaseball
Bayside/JoinvilleIncludes soccerMulti-purpose fieldIncludes baseball
Laurie MeadowsIncludes soccerMulti-purpose field
Los PradosIncludes soccerMulti-purpose fieldIncludes baseball
Mariners IslandBaseball
Martin Luther KingIncludes soccerMulti-purpose fieldBaseball
Shoreview ParkBaseball
Trinta ParkBaseball
Fiesta MeadowsSoccer (large grass field)
Foster City
Catamaran ParkSoccer
Port RoyalSoccer
Bayside Park FieldsSoccerBase/soft ball
CuernavacaLarge green – soccerBase/soft ball
Franklin Field (full – north half – south half)Soccer/lacrosse
Burlingame High Schoolsoccerbaseball
Murray FieldSoccer/lacrosse (? 3)
Osberg Field (School District)Soccer
Ray Park 1 -2Soccer (? 2)softball
Village Park Fieldsoccer
Washington ParkSoccerbaseball
East Palo AltoRich May FieldSoccer/rugbyDuel use field designed for Rugby & Soccer
Jack FarrellLarge and small grass areaBaseball/softball
Martin Luther King(? Includes Soccer)Multi-purpose fieldBaseball
Bell St. ParkLarge grass area
San Bruno
Crestmoor (Peninsula High School)Soccer
Parkside (Intermediate School)Soccer
Portola ElementarySoccer
Skyline CollegeSoccer
Taylor Fields Middle SchoolSoccer4 diamonds
Green Hills Elementary Fields upper and lowerPractice fields
Lomita Park Field ElementaryPractice fields
Meadows FieldPractice fields
Spring Valley FieldPractice fields
Alexander ParkSmall grass field
Barrett Community CenterMulti-purpose field
Central ElementaryMulti-purpose fieldBallfield
Cipriani ParkMulti-purpose fieldBallfield
Fox ElementaryMulti-purpose fieldBallfield
McDougal ParkMulti-purpose fieldBallfield
Nesbit ElementaryMulti-purpose fieldBallfield
Ralston Middle SchoolMulti-purpose fieldBallfield
Sports Complex and Conference CenterSoccerBaseball
Twin Pines ParkMulti-purpose field
Daly City
Gellert ParkOpen fieldOpen field
Marchbank ParkOpen fieldField for softball and baseball
South San FranciscoAlta Loma Middle School and ParkSoccer/?lacrossebaseball
Avalon ParkBaseball
Brentwood ParkBaseball
Buri BuriBaseball
Hillside Athletic FieldSoccerBaseball
Orange Memorial Park – closed for renovation – due open Spring 2023 with flexible multiuse field for baseball, softball, soccer
Martin Elementary School Fieldbaseball
Ponderosa School Fieldsoftball/baseball
Southwood School Ball field (Callero and Small)baseball
Westborough Parkbaseball
Terra Bay Baseball fieldsAlso used for soccerbaseball
Zamora ParkBaseball
Soccer and Baseball Field – 2 Solano Stsoccerbaseball
ColmaNone noted
Hillsborough Rec District FieldIncludes SoccerMulti-purpose fieldIncludes Baseball
Crocker Middle SchoolIncludes SoccerMulti-purpose fieldIncludes Baseball
North Hillsborough Elem school Fields – A, B, D, EPracticePractice
South Hillsborough Elem school FieldPracticePractice
West Hillsborough Elem and Preschool Fields  A,B,CPracticePractice
Vista ParkPracticePractice
Portola ValleyFather Christopher FieldSoccer
Rossotti FieldSoccer
Louis Kovacs FieldSoccer
Russ Miller FieldSoccerSoft/baseball
Ford Fieldbaseball
Town Centersoftball
Barkley Fields and Parksoccerbaseball

Menlo Park Usage Priorities

Sport Field Reservation priority. The qualifying criteria for field use priority is as follows: 

1. City sponsored youth programs 

2. City sponsored adult programs 

3. School district sponsored youth programs 

4. Returning youth programs with greater than 50% residents 

5. Returning adult programs with greater than 50% residents 

6. Programs offering scholarships or reduced fees to lower-income participants. 

7. New youth programs with greater than 50% residents 

8. New adult programs with greater than 50% residents 

9. All “other” programs

Redwood City Policy

The primary permit holder representing a resident league or resident team must be a Redwood City resident for a permit to be issued. Please note that citizens residing in the county areas of North Fair Oaks or the Emerald Hills areas are considered Redwood City residents under these policies. Please review the “Priority of Use” section on page two to determine your organization’s priority level

Permits Will Be Issued Based on the Following: 

Priority #1 Programs and activities administered by the Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department (on all City fields), and all programs and activities administered by the Redwood City School District (on all School fields). 

Priority #2 Priority is based on all of the following criteria: a. Returning Youth Sport User Groups whose organizations have been associated with the City (for 5 or more years), including: RWC AYSO, Juventus, Madera Roja, MP Strikers, Redwood City Girls Softball League, Redwood City National Little League, Mount Carmel Baseball, St. Pius baseball, Highlanders Little League, Redwood City American Little League, Pop Warner Football, Belmont / Redwood Shores Sports Leagues, Redwood City Pony-Colt, Redwood City Adult Soccer (Mid Peninsula, Papy, Spanish Soccer leagues).   b. Must be a Redwood City based non-profit youth sport organization – 501 (c)(3) (This cannot be a PO Box) . c. Youth sport league with at least 66% Redwood City residents (two-thirds) *Should a schedule or permit request conflict arise, the following principles shall apply: 

1.) Every effort MUST be made to form a compromise by those involved on reasonable requests 

2)  Size of the organization, residency numbers, number of kids affected, and season in question will all be considered 

3. The City shall act as the arbitrator if parties involved cannot come up with a reasonable solution 

Priority #3 a. Youth or Adult League with at least 50% Redwood City residents b. Must be a Redwood City based non-profit youth or adult organization – 501 (c)(3) 

Priority #4 a. Youth TEAM with at least 50% Redwood City residents Priority 

Priority #5 a. Youth and adult Redwood City resident 50 % private rentals Priority 

Priority #6 a. Youth and adult non-resident private rentals Fee

Belmont Policy


GROUP I: • Belmont Parks & Recreation Department programs • City Non-Profit Youth Sports Organizations (in season) – Spring/Summer (baseball, softball) – Fall/Winter (soccer) • Belmont Redwood Shores School District Programs (on school sites)

 GROUP II: • City Non-Profit Youth Sports Organizations (out of season) – Spring/Summer (Soccer) – Fall/Winter (baseball, softball) • City Public High School Sports (on City park sites) • City Public Elementary School Sports (on City park sites) 

GROUP III: • New City Non-Profit Youth Sports Organizations (in season) • City Non-Profit Adult Sports (not affiliated with Belmont Parks & Recreation Department programs)

 GROUP IV: • City Private School Sports • City For-Profit Sports • Regional Non-Profit Youth Sports Organization 

GROUP V: • Corporate/Private Organizations/Private Individuals • Community College Sports • Private Sports Camps & Clinics

San Mateo City Usage Policy for Field Allocation

  1. 1. Resident: A person/organization whose address is within the San Mateo City limits. 
  2. 2. Non-Resident: A person/organization whose address does not fall within San Mateo City limits. Non-residents include those whose address is located in unincorporated areas of San Mateo

VII. User Group Priority Classifications The following priorities are used as guidelines. The City of San Mateo reserves the right to adjust these priorities as deemed appropriate in order to best serve City of San Mateo residents.

Priority 1 Programs and activities conducted or sponsored by the City of San Mateo. This includes the San Mateo Police Activities League program(s). City of San Mateo Athletic Field Use and Allocation Policy Page 8 of 27 

Priority 2 pertains to two separate groups. First, programs conducted by Elementary Schools (K-8) within the City of San Mateo. Second, organizations that limit their recruitment and sign-ups to individuals living within the San Mateo City limits and are recreational in nature having a “everyone plays; no child is turned away” philosophy. Residency requirement for Priority 2 consideration is a minimum of 90%. A. Programs conducted by validated, nonprofit, youth sports groups with preference given to a sport in its traditional season as defined below: • Winter/Spring Sports (baseball, softball) • Summer/Fall Sports (soccer, football) Coaches and board members must be volunteers. The organization must maintain an affiliation with a national, state or local sports governing board. Some exceptions may exist that allow a non-resident to participate in their program. Established and returning organizations will have priority over a new organizations providing a similar sport or activity. 

Priority 3 pertains to two separate groups. First, programs conducted by private high schools within the City of San Mateo. Second, organizations in which participants must “tryout” or be selected based on skill level. Organizations may be “select” in that participants may be recruited from cities other than San Mateo. Residency requirement for Priority 3 consideration is a minimum of 50%. Residency verification may be required. A. Programs conducted by validated, non-profit, youth sports group. An organization that has a San Mateo address, or one that has a minimum of 50% residents. “Cuts” may take place and coaches may be paid. Established and returning groups will have priority over a new group providing a similar sport or activity. B. Specialized programs offered by groups classified as Priority 2 that are outside the normal league structure. Examples of such programs are: specialty camps; regional tournaments; “select” team facilitation. 

Priority 4 Organizations in which participants must “tryout” or be selected based on skill level. Organizations may be “select” in that participants may be recruited from cities other than San Mateo. Residency requirement for Priority 4 consideration is a minimum of 25% residency. Residency verification may be required. A. Programs conducted by validated, non-profit, youth sports groups. An organization that has a San Mateo address, or one that has a minimum of 25% residents. “Cuts” may take place and coaches may be paid. Established and returning groups will have priority over a new group providing a similar sport or activity. 

Priority 5 A. Adult resident sports groups or teams. City of San Mateo Athletic Field Use and Allocation Policy Page 9 of 27 B. Resident private rentals. 

Priority 6 Youth or Adult non-resident groups, teams, or individuals. Non-resident is defined as having an organization address outside of the San Mateo City limits and/or having less than 25% residency.

Reference – FAQ

The following FAQ section pertains to concerns, issues, and other comments related to sports at Flood Park.


In a radius of 2 or 3 miles around Flood Park, there are many multipurpose, soccer, and similar fields that could support lacrosse or soccer. When considering public and private fields, including schools, parks, and sport complexes, how many fields support lacrosse?

We have asked County this question and are looking for their help in identifying these for local coaches.

In the meantime, community members are also in the process of creating a Local Sports Field spreadsheet to identify what local area fields support playgrounds, hiking, and various sports. The goal is to identify both public and private fields and then have County seek permissions for public use of sport fields (especially use by NFO, Belle Haven, and East Palo Alto neighborhoods). A DRAFT, work in progress, of this Sports Field Inventory is available for download.

Please use the website’s Comment form to identify other fields or corrections to this inventory of sports fields; or, use the website’s Contact form to provide your feedback.

We are waiting for a reply from county parks.

Several years ago, the baseball field was disrupted by the public water supply lines project. It was not maintained prior to that project and not restored and maintained after.

Why many of the other sports areas have not been maintained is another question. The popular small softball field and the tennis courts are in disrepair, making it difficult to near impossible to use.

The 4 volleyball courts are used quite a bit and are in better shape than any of the other sports areas in the park.

Volleyball historically has been a very popular sport at the park. Removing volleyball courts doesn’t seem in the interest of community that uses all 4 courts in the parks.

Over the last 10 years, the lack of maintenance of the tennis courts has virtually eliminated the ability to play. Yet, when the courts were maintained County records show a high level of popularity and use. It seems keeping the existing 4 courts should be considered rather than demolishing them to build 2 courts else where.

We have asked County this question and are looking for their help in identifying sources for their sports usage projections that they used for identifying the need to reduce the volleyball and tennis courts by half.

This question applies to the baseball field and the shared multipurpose that is part of and around the baseball field. This question also applies to the 2nd soccer/lacrosse field if it is to be built in the woodland. Building the field in the woodland has additional impact on the remaining woodland trees and ecosystem around the clear cut area.

The latest EIR discusses artificial turf surfaces; however, there is no discussion nor associated research on the impact of an artificial surface on the remaining trees in the area around the sport field, where high temperatures, moisture content of soil, and impact on the microorganisms and insects that make up a health woodland will be a factor and should be evaluated.

Waiting for County Response.

Summit and Everest high schools don’t have their own fields, yet other local high schools and middle schools do.   Soccer coaches and players from NFO say there aren’t enough fields to meet desires.  Yet, an inventory of public and private fields within a 2-3 mile radius of Flood Park shows that at least 4 other fields in local parks and at least 9 other fields on semi-private and private locations.

A quicker and probably much less expensive alternative is to have Flood Park support 1 multipurpose field (not 2) and for County to assist local schools and youth sport groups in getting permission to use these 13+ local fields. With permission obtained, the fields would be immediately available. No construction time, no construction costs, no delays for use. A potential win-win-win for county residents and entities with fields and all this with County saving millions of dollars.

Another alternative is to approach existing fields. For instance, in NFO, Taft School appears to have 2 baseball fields aligned such that a large soccer field could be housed when baseball was not in use. However, Taft appears to placing dirt over part of one of the baseball fields (for parking?). With the high demand in the NFO, it seems Taft school administration could be approached to restore the field and provide the multiple use option and thus have a large soccer field in the heart NFO.

Some coaches and ballplayers say there aren’t enough local fields in NFO, Belle Haven, and EPA, for all the ball groups and players.

There seem to be over a dozen soccer fields within 3 miles radius of Flood Park that could support soccer or lacrosse (see the DRAFT Sport Field Inventory report). County could pursue use agreements with these city, school, private, and commercial entities to provide access. Such agreements would yield use immediately, without having to wait for planning, construction, and other related delays. Please contact Supervisor Warren Slocum and Park’s Dept Director Nicholas Calderon (Click here to contact them).

This would also mean Flood Park could build the one multipurpose field in conjunction with the baseball field restoration and not build the destructive second field that destroys the heart of the heritage woodland. This could mean a savings of several millions of dollars AND the park would not need to be closed, it could essentially stay open while the play fields are restored (that area is closed now anyway).

There are other ways more soccer/lacrosse fields could be made available for local youth sports. See the Balanced Alternatives to view in park alternatives. Consider the Sport Field Inventory report; Although a draft report, it identifies a large number of fields that could host youth sports and practice sessions. County, city, and youth sports groups could work together to gain use permissions and contracts making these fields immediately available within the community areas where needed.

Waiting for County Response

County Parks has indicated they will be in charge of scheduling. We are waiting for more details from County as to how this process will work and who will have priority over others.

Some have reported that fields in nearby Santa Clara County and neighboring cities often have sport fields booked well into the year. At Flood Park, it seems picnic areas are scheduled only several weeks in advance. Will sport fields being booked into the coming season preempt the ability for families and groups to book picnic areas?

Ways to Take Action and Help

If you are a local coach or player, please leave a comment below as to what sport you play, where you currently play, what other areas would you like to have available to play. Please leave your feedback in the comment area below.

Other ways to help:

  • Let others know of this website so they can come up to speed on what is happening
  • Use our Spread the Word webpage for more ways to help
  • Many actions and related information at the Action webpage
  • Stay in touch – be notified when public meetings on the Reimagine plan are occurring
  • Sign up for County updates on the County’s Reimagine Project page — Here
  • Provide your feedback, ideas, questions, and concerns using the comment form below
  • We plan on doing online surveys here — please participate in those as they appear
  • Do you want other sports at the park? Leave a comment with the sports you want.

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