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In this age of Internet, grass roots efforts can greatly help causes like the two we have to protect and extend Flood Park. Please spread the word to your own friends, family, and co-workers about our efforts to save Flood Park’s beautiful historical woodland. Send emails, use text messages, and even bring it up in conversation.

Let them know about this FloodPark.org website. From there, they can learn much more. There are action buttons that will allow them easily to get to our two petitions.

Available DIY Print Handouts

We have two handouts that can be printed and distributed. Thank you for helping!

  • This handout is meant to print on 8.5×11 paper – it has a 2-up layout that then can be cut in half after printing. Link
  • This 4×6 card can be printed out or sent to your favorite photo service for making 4×6 photos. Link

Please Contact County Management

Our County Supervisors, Manager, and Parks Director can make this all happen. But it takes our voice for them to realize that it makes sense to:

  • Extend the park by using the old school to add soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and other sports
  • Preserve the parks central feature, the historic Heritage Grove that is set to be cut down unless they act
  • Protect the full capacity of the treasured picnic areas, volleyball, and other amenities that are planned to be severely reduced unless we take and get positive action

By clicking these e-mail links, the County Board of Supervisors and the Ravenswood City School District, email addresses will start the process of emailing. Just add a subject line and a few sentences in the body of the email.  Please act right away, before the opportunity is gone. Thank you for helping!

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News & events

New Flood Park Hours (thru March)

County Parks department has modified the hours for Flood Park for the change of season. Hours now are: December – February 8:00AM – 5:00 P.M.

Pest Mgmt – Ground Squirrels

San Mateo County Parks has posted an announcement that Flood Park will be closed several times prior to Feb 18th to address the over population

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This Action webpage provides information in support of various actions needed to advocate for Flood Park and the community’s needs at the park.

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