What nearby fields support lacrosse?

In a radius of 2 or 3 miles around Flood Park, there are many multipurpose, soccer, and similar fields that could support lacrosse or soccer. When considering public and private fields, including schools, parks, and sport complexes, how many fields support lacrosse?

We have asked County this question and are looking for their help in identifying these for local coaches.

In the meantime, community members are also in the process of creating a Local Sports Field spreadsheet to identify what local area fields support playgrounds, hiking, and various sports. The goal is to identify both public and private fields and then have County seek permissions for public use of sport fields (especially use by NFO, Belle Haven, and East Palo Alto neighborhoods). A DRAFT, work in progress, of this Sports Field Inventory is available for download.

Please use the website’s Comment form to identify other fields or corrections to this inventory of sports fields; or, use the website’s Contact form to provide your feedback.