Why are there two lacrosse/soccer fields in the plan?

Some coaches and ballplayers say there aren’t enough local fields in NFO, Belle Haven, and EPA, for all the ball groups and players.

There seem to be over a dozen soccer fields within 3 miles radius of Flood Park that could support soccer or lacrosse (see the DRAFT Sport Field Inventory report). County could pursue use agreements with these city, school, private, and commercial entities to provide access. Such agreements would yield use immediately, without having to wait for planning, construction, and other related delays. Please contact Supervisor Warren Slocum and Park’s Dept Director Nicholas Calderon (Click here to contact them).

This would also mean Flood Park could build the one multipurpose field in conjunction with the baseball field restoration and not build the destructive second field that destroys the heart of the heritage woodland. This could mean a savings of several millions of dollars AND the park would not need to be closed, it could essentially stay open while the play fields are restored (that area is closed now anyway).

There are other ways more soccer/lacrosse fields could be made available for local youth sports. See the Balanced Alternatives to view in park alternatives. Consider the Sport Field Inventory report; Although a draft report, it identifies a large number of fields that could host youth sports and practice sessions. County, city, and youth sports groups could work together to gain use permissions and contracts making these fields immediately available within the community areas where needed.