Are the Reimagined picnic areas the same size/capacity?

Looking through the Reimagine EIR planning documents, it is not clear that picnic capacity of the park will remain the same as current. Park’s director Nicholas Caledron clarified this question stating that “The Department is not reducing capacity of the sites.”; However, when asked for him to confirm that not only would the same number of areas be retained that also the same number of people capacity would also be kept the same, he replied that the answer was complicated. He has promised to get back to us on that (as of Jan 2022).

The most used feature of the park are the Picnic areas. So this is an important element in understanding the impact of moving current picnic sites. Currently, most tables are shaded by the woodland trees. With many of the woodland picnic areas being removed from the heart of the woodland, it is unclear currently how shade will be provided to the new picnic locations and if the treasured family experience of picnicking under trees will be able to be replicated in the new locations.