It seems like there are many soccer and/or lacrosse fields in our area, where is the data that quantifies the need for more?

Summit and Everest high schools don’t have their own fields, yet other local high schools and middle schools do.   Soccer coaches and players from NFO say there aren’t enough fields to meet desires.  Yet, an inventory of public and private fields within a 2-3 mile radius of Flood Park shows that at least 4 other fields in local parks and at least 9 other fields on semi-private and private locations.

A quicker and probably much less expensive alternative is to have Flood Park support 1 multipurpose field (not 2) and for County to assist local schools and youth sport groups in getting permission to use these 13+ local fields. With permission obtained, the fields would be immediately available. No construction time, no construction costs, no delays for use. A potential win-win-win for county residents and entities with fields and all this with County saving millions of dollars.

Another alternative is to approach existing fields. For instance, in NFO, Taft School appears to have 2 baseball fields aligned such that a large soccer field could be housed when baseball was not in use. However, Taft appears to placing dirt over part of one of the baseball fields (for parking?). With the high demand in the NFO, it seems Taft school administration could be approached to restore the field and provide the multiple use option and thus have a large soccer field in the heart NFO.